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Projects and Collaborations

As the Project Manager, Chief Technology Officer and inventor behind two innovative projects, I am proud to showcase the impactful work done . stands at the forefront of innovation with its ambitious project aimed at developing a fully Distributed Oracle—a decentralized computational system. This groundbreaking technology acts as a secure and dependable reservoir of external data tailored for blockchain and smart contract applications. By amalgamating information from diverse sources, the Distributed Oracle guarantees trustworthiness and precision. With a dedicated emphasis on decentralization and security,’s Distributed Oracle is poised to elevate the dependability and capabilities of decentralized applications, playing a pivotal role in advancing the landscape of blockchain ecosystems. Delve into the page for comprehensive insights into this inventive solution and its myriad potential applications.


ICOY® represents a set of innovative systems designed to save human lives and reduce the risks of workplace accidents through state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence developed by the Itway Group, which utilizes an object detection algorithm capable of recognizing individuals through a single convolutional neural network. ICOY AI™ is continuously improving as it employs Deep Learning for analysis, automatically defining features used to classify image content and engage in self-learning. This approach allows for ongoing enhancement of the research with an increasing number of analyzed images and is not affected by object movement. Digital and Artificial Intelligence are strong allies in workplace safety, preventing accidents, and safeguarding human well-being.